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Minimum System Requirements:

System: Broadband, Windows, 2GB RAM, 3GB HD, 2.5Ghz CPU

Graphics Card: nVida GeForce 7000 or ATI Radeon X1300 and higher

3Dchat Media

Here are some actual in-game videos and screenshots from our staff and users. We take pride in providing the highest quality environments and visually stunning graphics. If you would like to submit a screenshot or video please email it to us at and we will review it to be added to the site.

Intro video: Enjoy this overview of the game!
Added: January 20, 2010
Help Tutorial: In-Game help video tour!
Added: January 02, 2010
Movie Theater: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Added: March 03, 2010
Art Gallery: View other players artwork
Added: March 03, 2010
Dance Club: Join today and come dance with friends!
Added: February 25, 2010
Old City: Come take a tour of the Old City in the heart of 3Dchat!
Added: March 03, 2010